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Baby boomers are increasingly choosing treatments such as implant supported dentures vs conventional dentures. This is a generation that has never been satisfied to settle for what their parents thought was good enough. From expensive items like holidays and houses to everyday purchases like clothes and food – baby boomers demanded more variety and better quality. When it comes to dentures, the ageing population of baby boomers are still rebelling. They want treatments that allow for a more natural-looking appearance and more function for chewing.

Talkin’ ‘Bout my Generation

The baby boom refers to the increase in the birth rate following the Second World War. Baby boomers are usually defined as the generation born between the mid-1940s and the mid-1960s. The oldest are in their early 70s – but this isn’t a generation that will be satisfied in retirement by tea and biscuits and a daily episode of Countdown at 4 o’clock. They are healthy and active and they are significantly wealthier than the two generations growing up behind them.
A Lifetime of Healthy Teeth
A significant improvement of the nation’s dental health occurred from the 1940s. Just as the baby boomers were being born, free dental care for children was introduced courtesy of a brand-new institution. Baby boomers were the first generation to have regular trips to the denturist.
Approaching Retirement 
Many baby boomers are now approaching retirement. Quite a few will have paid off their mortgages and those in many locations have seen an astronomical increase in the value of their homes. The baby boomers are a wealthy and healthy generation that wants to continue their active lifestyle and they don’t want to be limited in what they can order in a restaurant by regular dentures.
Dental implants are a teeth replacement treatment that offer an alternative solution for missing teeth. The implant is inserted during minor surgery and becomes a permanent artificial root to which replacement teeth/dentures can be anchored. The procedure is completely safe and has a very high success rate. It is extremely rare for a patient to experience any discomfort once the procedure has healed. Dental implants let the user eat, drink, speak and smile naturally and with confidence – no wonder they are proving popular with baby boomers.
If you are a baby boomer who thought you were facing a future of keeping your teeth in a glass beside your bed, ask us about what else can be done to fix your missing teeth. Alternatively, you can call us directly.  Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about implants or any of the other treatments we offer.