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Restore Your Smile at a Calgary Denture Clinic

The innovative denture base

The time has come to revolutionize denture fabrication. The fully automatic IvoBase® denture base system is here. This precision polymerization system produces exceptional quality. 

This is our field of expertise so we are up to date with new clinical techniques, products and technology and are now offering INJECTION MOULDED DENTURES with the new ‘Ivobase Injector’ offering patients one of the most advanced techniques in dentistry for processing dentures. 

The Science and Tech Behind IvoBase

Special PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) resins are injected and polymerized to create denture bases of stunning precision and fit for patients.

Injection molding and polymerization reduces the monomer residue in the PMMA resins to under 1%. This maximizes compatibility with the gums and tissue when patients have their dentures with less incidence of irritation.

Pressure-heat polymerization allows for a strong chemical bond with the teeth. The high impact strength and fit accuracy leaves the patient with the confidence that denture damage or breakage is minimized so they can give their attention to the more important things in life – smiles, laughter, good conversations, and good food.

Because IvoBase dentures have such a great fit, patients don’t have to worry as much about plaque and bacteria. A good fit helps to resist and prevent unwanted irritations so the mouth stays healthier with less denture adjustments.

Bacteria and plaque are also kept away by IvoBase dentures’ non-porous surface. It doesn’t allow bacteria to soak in and hole up in little tunnels within the denture, which prevents bacterial odor and leaves the mouth cleaner and fresher.


  • Very comfortable to wear due to excellent fit, dimensional stability and surface finish.
  • Less gum and tissue irritation due to the low residual monomer chemical content.
  • Less denture staining due to a more dense denture base.
  • Cleaner mouth due to less bacteria build up traditionally found with denture wearing.


IvoBase processed dentures are made using state-of-the-art materials and processing techniques, so they fit properly and are strong and durable for worry-free wear.