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Now that summer is upon us there are many different activities that are available to do as a group or an individual in Calgary. Many are done outdoors, however, there are indoor activities on those days that are just too hot to endure the heat. Summer is something that is short-lived so taking in the warmer temperatures with some delicious foods, getting out in the sun, or just relaxing on the patio are all very enjoyable. The following list are just a couple different activities that can be taken in:


This isn't necessarily something that can only be done in the summer (as Canadians we will BBQ in -20 degree temperatures) however, getting together with family and friends to enjoy a BBQ is always a great and easy idea. Pairing salads, veggies, breads, and/or potatoes are wonderful to go along to make a meal complete. Also remember that BBQ's do not necessarily have to be held in your backyard or patio, Calgary offers many beautiful Parks throughout the city that have outdoor grills & all you need to supply is the wood and fire! Just remember to always be responsible for making sure the grill is cleaned and completely extinguished before leaving the Park.

Yard Games:

With the BBQ usually comes entertainment for your guests and whether it is two people or ten, summer yard games are an easy way to keep everyone from all ages busy and laughing! If you are someone who likes crafts, some of these games would be easy to make yourself, such as bean bag toss, can be as simple as cloth, sewing kit, beans, and a plastic ring to throw it in. However these games can usually be purchased at your local Canadian Tire/ Walmart, or other retailers for a low cost. Games such as Ladder Ball/Botchie Ball/Bean Bags Toss/Horseshoes/Lawn Darts/Frisbee or Badminton are just some of the backyard or park games that can be played.


Something as simple as going for a walk on a summer day can be quite satisfying! Walking is not only great exercise, it allows you to get Vitamin D from the beautiful sunshine and also enjoy the surroundings in and around your community. Calgary offers many paths and parks to take in that can allow you to be visually appeased with your atmosphere as well a occasionally be allowed to experience wildlife in their habitat.


Another great form of exercise is swimming. It offers you a great way to cool off on those hot days with also having a lower impact way to keep your heart strong. Calgary offers 5 outdoor pools in the city from Stanley Park to Bowview! There are also plenty of indoor pools located throughout the city as well. This sport is an excellent way to fill a summer day!

Indoor Activities:

On those days that you just can't take the heat, an afternoon at the Casino is a fun way to spend some time. There is also Bowling/Darts/and Shuffle Board to name a few. Even going down to your local Legion for a game of Cribbage or Cards is a way to beat the heat with some air conditioning. Calgary also offers plenty of wonderful Restaurants and Pubs that you can enjoy eating inside or on the Patio. Now that you have a few ideas to add to the excitement and fun of summer, please remember that water is a very important aspect that must be consumed to avoid dehydration and also wearing a hat and applying sunscreen is imperative.

Be safe and have fun!