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It’s no secret our lives took a halt for a few months. As we start to get back to our jobs, family & friends, and hobbies, we must keep in mind the “New Normal” routines that are meant to keep ourselves and others healthy. Make sure to be aware of social distancing, washing your hands, and being aware of your personal health. We will be able to curve this if we all work together and continue to make sure we are doing all we can to not allow COVID 19 change our lives again.

Westside Denture Centre is taking every precaution to make our office environment a safe one for all our existing and new patients. PPE equipment is in every part of our office. We are also making sure there are no cross over appointments so it gives our staff the proper time to completely disinfect the exam rooms and common area so that each patient experiences a sanitary environment.

Stay Safe and Healthy Calgary!!