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The information regarding the COVID 19 outbreak is ever changing. If you have general concerns or are wondering about preventive measures please refer to Alberta Health Services (AHS). The most vulnerable to COVID 19 (Our valued patients)
includes the elderly and the immunocompromised. It is this population that is most concerning and need our protection. Please think about these people when making your day to day decisions.

During these trying times, we stand by our commitment to create healthy smiles through healthy practices. We will continue to evaluate these measures daily and will keep you informed of any changes. We are here for you and will continue to keep your health and safety our main concern. We are trying to “flatten the curve” by closing the office this week.

If you have self isolated for concern of contact with an infected person, we would like to know upon our return next week (provided no government closures arise). Please know we are here for you if you need us. We can physically distance ourselves but we should not be socially distancing ourselves. Please keep in touch with friends, family, or us!

Be safe and healthy, we recommend washing your hands and social distancing, do the things that keep you healthy: Eat well exercise often and stay active, get plenty of sleep and decrease your stress levels. Right now, a positive mental attitude is of utmost importance.

Your health and safety are our top priority and we are personally taking measures to protect our patients by practicing immaculate personal hygiene, no overlap with patient contact as well as distancing from recent travellers and the more vulnerable people.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to respond and provide updates.